Food grade Diatomaceous Earth dosing and instructions protocol 

Start with 1/8th of a teaspoon of DE a day for two weeks and increase by as much every two weeks until you are taking at least two heaping tablespoons a day. 

Be sure to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water per day.

Keep in mind the maintenance dose of DE is a tablespoon per hundred pounds body weight and in order to address deficiency you will need to double this amount and anyone over a hundred pounds is an automatic two tablespoons maintenance dose. 

I have been using DE daily for 15 years. 

Eat and take DE and supplements after. So you can get the most out of it all during the digestion process as that\’s best and it helps even more if you split up the doses so you have it with everything you eat or directly following. 

DE is silica and minerals

 You only increase your amount of silica in the bloodstream and body with food and kill parasites best because hydrochloric acid can break down bone and teeth. This breaks down silica and when the parasites come to dinner they get swift death. 

Plus, we feed it to our animals in food and they prosper while all the parasites are destroyed.

 You only absorb approximately 2% of the silica. So that leaves the vast majority still in the digestive system. 

If you take DE alone you will absorb some silica but the body is designed to get more nutrition from going through stomach acid to get the most out of everything. 

This acid breaks it all down to a much more absorbable state. Normally we would get the silica in food and water but all farm soil is devoid of minerals now and water is treated. 

So DE is best with food

By the way medication has some toxins in it and since DE takes away toxins its best to space drugs away from DE by at least an hour or two. Most people put DE in a drink or water to get it down. I use a few ounces of water in a tall glass and add my DE and activated charcoal and swish it around and down swiftly and then follow up with a few more ounces of water rinse. Some put it in smoothies or protein drinks as well. It depends on your personal preference. I take my supplements after I eat myself.

High doses for serious healing 

What I can tell you is that most people who get breakthroughs with FGDE are those who take 8 or more tablespoons a day and no less than 3 tablespoons as a therapeutic dose. If you go to the maintenance dose of DE which is a tablespoon per hundred pounds body weight you are simply maintaining your deficiency rather than overcoming it. You have to have at least double the maintenance dose to address deficiency. I am personally taking 4 tablespoon a day for at least 8 years myself. Understand that it takes ten years to cycle through the complete bone rebuilding process so it takes that long to rebuild everything completely. Most people refuse any long term commitment to getting full restoration.