Benefits of Theta Brain Wave State

Healing the Body

You start going out of sympathetic nervous system mode (fight or flight) and into a parasympathetic nervous system state (where the systems within your body are relaxed enough to start doing the healing in areas it is needed).

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

It regulates your cortisol levels within your body (stress hormones), which in turn lowers heightened stress and anxiety levels.

Deep relaxation

Our brain goes into theta during sleep, a deep meditation, in hypnosis and most commonly with children.  The relaxed effects of being in theta can last for days after. 

Boost Immune System

If our bodies produce too much of a surplus of stress chemicals like adrenaline, it can have a negative impact on our immune system.  As theta puts us into a state of relaxation it releases the happy feel good hormones and neurotransmitters that can assist in building the immune system back up to optimum.

Connects you to your subconscious mind

This part of your mind governs autonomic body functions, as well as your emotions, imagination, memory, intuitions and habits.  So think of it as almost a self-hypnosis. You can access and address negative thought processes that are arising from your subconscious, to your conscious mind. How’s that for a personal development tool? A tip for you, why not recite in your head an affirmation or positive thought process whilst you float, you’ll find yourself bypassing your conscious mind and programming new positive thoughts and behaviour patterns.


Theta activates the right hemisphere of your brain, which is your creative side. Many report post-float feeling like they have this renewed creative drive to go write music, do art, execute a new idea that has popped into their mind. A lot of inventors, artists, musicians activate Theta on a regular basis, therefore it enhances creativity.

Problem Solving & Learning

Sometimes your float session will be an hour of problem solving. Going into theta can bypass mental blocks and get you into a mental flow, enabling new levels of thought and perception, so you can approach problems more effectively.  They also give you the ability to focus better and be greater motivated on one idea.  Onto the topic of learning, when your brain goes into theta it is said you are able to retain 300% more information than you can going about your day in beta (awake state). You can learn large amounts of information fast. What’s really cool is that you could be reciting or visualising practicing something in your brain (i.e. strategy for a game/fight, a music composition) and your subconscious can’t tell the difference between what is real or not. It is as if you are practicing something for real and you’re able to retain it well in your memory!